The best assets of women are her personality, her beautiful face and body, her fashion for clothing, but most especially the hairstyle she carries. The hairstyle accentuates the beautiful face of a woman, and the hairstyle should suit the woman's charm. There are various hairstyles in the modern era that modern women use currently, but surprisingly vintage hairstyles from the 20's up to the 80's are making a comeback. Vintage hairstyles may be old, but it has the classic, timeless looks that can still be used today. Here are several vintage hairstyles that is trending recently

The Bob

              The bob is hairstyle used best for those with short hair. It's a 20's look when most when said goodbye to the long Victorian locks and opened the era for the short hair styles. The woman's hair is typically cut straight around the head at about their jaw-level, often accompanied with a short bangs at the front. It is suitable to most women and easy to maintain. Classic as it may be, it surely stays a "fresh" look every time.

The Wavy Hair

                The 1930's is considered as the Golden Era of Hollywood. As actresses styled their hair in a wavy manner, so did the masses. The wavy hair is as elegant as it can get. Wavy hair is easily achieved at home when you use rollers. This hairdo has made its comeback presently as it is being used by several famous actors and singers.


                While hairstyles for men from the 30's to 50's were mostly short hair, the ponytail has made it through. It became famous among teenagers as it was seen on the early versions of Barbie. The style was simple, but also elegant. You simply tie your hair back, usually it was tied with a scarf. Today, this hairstyle is still very much popular and commonly used.

Long Hair and Afro

                The 70's is marked the era of Hippies. Hairstyles were influenced by the hippies as they wore head bands and accessories with their simple long, shiny hair. The Afro was also very popular among African-American women in this era. These hairstyles is still very famous until today

                Whatever hairstyle you may choose, it should complement your beautiful facial structure and your pleasing personality. You may also try to ask for recommendations from professional hairstylists as to what hairstyle is best suited for you. The pomade hairstyle of your choosing should make a good and lasting first impression.